January 2021 – The Voices EP

The Voices Ep is John Bartley’s first release under his own name. It brings together a selection of work created over the last two years. This collection explores generative approaches to arpeggiation, melody, ambience and John’s continuing interest in the cathartic and meditative nature of music making.

releases January 25, 2021

Album Design: Matt Hinkley
VIdeo Production: Daisy Bisenieks & Royce Ng
Special Thanks: Lauren Hinkley

December 2020 – The Voices Single Release

Music track

From the forthcoming Voices EP
Video production by Daisy Bisenieks & Royce Ng

November 2020 – Melbourne Fashion Week

Music track

Film by Silky Jazz for Melbourne Fashion Week. Boundary-pushing collections created by talent from Melbourne’s top design schools.


May 2020 – Mix For Air Forest

DJ Mix for Air Forest

MAY AF Mix 1: Tech Sans Kick – takes us on a journey exploring the ambient side of club music. The kick never quite arrives in this 40 min eclectic mix. featuring tracks from; Burger/Link, Top Down Dialectic, Barker, Kareem Lofty & micronism.

December 2019 – Novembre Magazine

Music track

Last night I saw bodies made from white by Luke Casey for Novembre Magazine.


August 2019 – Phantom Plane, Cyberpunk in the Year of the Future

Sound design and composition

Zheng Mahler, The Master Algorithm (2019). Hologram installation. In collaboration with You Mi.
Nostalgia Machines (2019). Video installation. 15 min. In collaboration with Reijiro Aoyama.
For Phantom Plane, Cyberpunk in the Year of the Future, Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong 5 October 2019–4 January 2020

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May 2019: Self-Combers 我愿 【Looking China 看中国】Dir by Joana Correia

Music track

One hundred years ago the first generation of self-combed women decided not to get married and to dedicate their lives to work and to the others. One hundred years later their legacy remains alive behind the doors of Bi yun tang museum.

September – December 2018: Royce Ng – Queen Zomia

Sound design and composition

QUEEN ZOMIA is a new work by Royce Ng which traces the histories of opium through the figure of Olive Yang, the bisexual, cross-dressing warlord who controlled the illicit opium and heroin trade in South East Asia. QUEEN ZOMIA uses expanded media based strategies to communicate the labyrinthine narratives of intertwining national histories which intersect in the Asian opium trade.

New Vision Art Festival, Hong Kong

Kampnagel, Hamburg, Germany

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA), Seoul, South Korea

September 2018: At Which the Flight

Audio installation

Group Exhibition with Jill Brandwein, Oscar Perry, Hank Ehrenfried, Madeline Rupard, Kristyn McKinney, Ben Haggard, Maureen Anderson & Rowan McNaught. Sept 21 – Oct 5th Bushwick Open Studios, NYC.



June 2018: Somewhere Between Almost Right & Not Quite Volume


Released on Brother sister Records, Melbourne Australia

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An audio/visual exploration of landscapes from around the world SBARANQ.COM is an ongoing project exploring the relationship between photographed space and atmospheric sound. Volume 1 presents a selection of pieces from the website in album form.

December 2017: Lacroixx Sound + Ritual Volume 1


Club Single for Sound + Ritual Volume 1 Compilation.


Sound design

Theater der Welt 2017, Hamburg

Hong Kong-based artist, Royce Ng presents his first full-length stage production at ‘Theater der Welt’ 2017. In this piece, which combines performance and brilliant video art, he deals with the legacy of Japanese colonial ruler Nobusuke Kishi.



Sound design

Art Central 2017, Hong Kong

Zheng Mahler’s work DEEP WATER was originally produced for the independent art space HOLY MOTORS in the Sham Shui Po district of Kowloon and funded by the Young Collectors Collective (YCC). The work is re-translated for Art Central from a single-channel video work into an immersive VR experience alongside a series of 3D anaglyphic still prints from the video.


September 2016: Holy Motors Project

Sound design

Battleship Yamato flies shipwrecked at the bottom of the sea, dreams of an empire faded. Geological time intersects with human history—bursting forth from the ground, it moves around, scatters, floats, shatters, finds rest. A whale passes overhead. Schools of people appear as ghosts and walk right through me.
Sham Shui Po, 195 Lai Chi Kok Rd Hong Kong.
September 14 – October 19 2016

May 2016: Somewhere Between Almost Right And Not Quite

Sound and image installation
Released on Brother sister Records, Melbourne Australia

An audio/visual exploration of landscapes from around the world. SBARANQ.COM is an ongoing project throughout 2016 exploring the relationship between physical spaces and atmospheric sound. New works will be added on a regular basis, and the site will develop as the project unfolds over the course of the year. Playable on a desktop and mobile devices, the pages can be viewed in a variety of different contexts. The pieces are self-contained, yet also with an ability to enhance or change a physical space.

(Before and After New York)

Sound design
Performa 15: New Visual Art Performance Biennale, New York City,

New York, post et pre-figuratif (Before and After New York) is a performance by artist and anthropologist Royce Ng and Daisy Bisenieks working as the collective Zheng Mahler based on their experiences working with ‘the Bull’, an East African asylum seeker and trader living in Hong Kong, which transforms their fieldwork into a site-specific performance in downtown Manhattan.