Press Release: The Voices


Release date: December 1 2020
Label: Brother Sister Records
Video production: Daisy Bisenieks & Royce Ng
Genre: Electronic / Fourth dimension
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Release date: 25th January
Label: Brother Sister Records
Genre: Electronic / Fourth dimension

The Voices Single:  FILM CLIP
The Voices EP: STREAM
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Promo Download:  WAV/FLAC/MP3
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The Voices Ep is John Bartley’s first release under his own name. It brings together a selection of work created over the last two years. This collection explores generative approaches to arpeggiation, melody, ambience and John’s continuing interest in the cathartic and meditative nature of music making.


John Bartley is a composer and sound designer based in Melbourne, Australia.

John has produced work under a range of different musical monikers and groups since his first musical outing in 2006. Working predominantly in the realms of ambient, club, soundtrack and experimental music. He has worked on a range of artistic projects including live performance, theatre, video installation, sound art, film, and mixed media. 

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