Showreel 2019

Recent work created for music, art, fashion and film projects.

2019 Self-Combers 我愿 【Looking China 看中国】

Music Track

One hundred years ago the first generation of self-combed women decided not to get married and to dedicate their lives to work and to the others. One hundred years later their legacy remains alive behind the doors of Bi yun tang museum.

2019 Forthcoming – Interiors 

Digital release

Collection of six piano improvisations. For release on Brother Sister Records 2019.

2019 Forthcoming – Dark Atmos Vol 1

Stock sound collection 

Dark synthetic sound beds for use in games, advertising and film. Available for purchase on stock music sites and the Unity Store mid 2019.

2018 Fashion Campaign – On Pedder


On Pedder Autumn Winter 2018 Fabric Collection Web Advertisement. Directed by Luke Casey.   

2018 ART – Royce NG Queen Zomia

Sound design and composition

QUEEN ZOMIA is a new work by Royce Ng which traces the histories of opium through the figure of Olive Yang, the bisexual, cross-dressing warlord who controlled the illicit opium and heroin trade in South East Asia. QUEEN ZOMIA uses expanded media based strategies to communicate the labyrinthine narratives of intertwining national histories which intersect in the Asian opium trade.

ONGOING ART – Somewhere Between Almost Right and Not Quite
Sound design and photography

An audio/visual exploration of landscapes from around the world SBARANQ.COM is an ongoing project exploring the relationship between photographed space and atmospheric sound. Volume 1 presents a selection of pieces from the website in album form.


2018 ART – Flushing Ave

Sound Installation 

Group Exhibition with Jill Brandwein, Oscar Perry, Hank Ehrenfried, Madeline Rupard, Kristyn McKinney, Ben Haggard, Maureen Anderson & Rowan McNaught. Sept 21 – Oct 5th Bushwick Open Studios, NYC.